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ROPEX® Ingredients Cause Intense Orgasms


ROPEX® contains the main ingredient Pollexi, which includes a proprietary blend of Pollis Seclecereale, Pollis Phleupratence, and Pollis Zeamais. For decades, successful sexual enhancement products and prostate supplements in Asia and Europe have use Pollexil to induce more intense orgasms and improve health. Clinical studies show that combining the all-natural extracts in ROPEX® causes longer, more intense orgasms by improving prostate function, by reducing prostate inflammation due to BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), and by increasing seminal fluid released during orgasm.

Studies Show ROPEX® Increases Seminal Fluid

Research shows Pollexi can increase seminal fluid. In one study, researchers found infertility patients experienced a rise in sperm density, mobility, and activity after using Pollexil 6 times daily for 12 weeks.

ROPEX® features a special formula with a Pollexil blend that helps support all our sexual enhancement needs—from improved prostate function and increased seminal fluid to longer, more intense orgasms.

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